About us

Anette is a Latvian company based in Riga since 1992 that produces quality knitwear to high European standards.

Throughout this time we have been tenderly preserving the traditions of Latvian knitwear. For our collections we select high quality yarn from leading European producers in: Italy, France and Latvia.

Our main products are outerwear for the modern woman. The range includes dresses, skirts, sarafans, jumpers, cardigans, tops, trousers and suits all available in various sizes and range of colours.

We are proud of that we design each of our items in-house which allows us to maintain our unique and individual style which is highly recognisable.
Our style is a combination of classic with an emphasis on details, which provide an exceptional fit for the female figure. The elegant silhouette, with carefully designed details will help you to build the stylish image of the modern woman.